started in october 2001. Bored with the money we use, we thought of alternatives. Can't we make the money more exciting?
So we set out printing our own money. We register the money, mark it, and put images on the back. We ask other people to participate. We created the website so its flow can be traced and messages can be passed.
Since then, all money we receive is registered: number, value and series are noted.

In order to keep it visible under special conditions we use invisible or photochromic ink. This ink is only visible under uv light conditions (bright sunlight, blacklight). We use state-of-the-art photochromic security ink, as well as old-fashioned fluorescent green stamping ink. First the logo is stamped, together with a subnote number.

The noteworks form the main part. We have asked various artist to participate, and through this website people can send in ideas. Sometimes the noteworks relate to the money, sometimes they are autonomous images, sometimes they relate to other images or works.