# subnote
## april, month of quality time
### plans



we decided to take it easy.

in may we would be leaving, and thus april would be the month to spend time we our new american friends.

our first idea was to plan it rigoursly. we needed quality time, so we made a list of all things people can do in pittsburgh to spend quality time.

every day we would invite somebody to chose something from the list and we'd enjoy ourselves.

1 Cathedral of Learning: to the top and the 1920's nationality classrooms
2 the incline see the city by night
3 best hamburger in town: Tessaro's at Liberty avenue?
4 ball game or otherwise to sportsbar during ballgame
5 Phipps conservatory
6 walk in schenley park
7 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
8 Wood St gallery
9 Frick Museum
10 Pittsburgh Symphony
11 Kennywood Park rollercoasters
12 See a Fred Rogers tv show
13 Carnegie Science center
14 Carnegie Museum
15 Carnegie Library
16 best pierogi in town
17 National Aviary
18 flea market
19 garage sale
20 drive in cinema
21 drive in peepshow
22 Primanti Bros original Pittsburgh sandwich
23 shooting range
24 maple syrup festival